Shallow Thought #271 – Candles

#271 – Candles


  • chortle says:

    I bought a candle made by an air freshener company hoping it would smell like baking cookies like the label said and I when lit it smelled like a nasty air freshener.
    Is there some rating for candles by smells they can cover like rated for fish sauce, tobacco, kimchi, Limburger, extra with name like the No One Needs to Know You Burned Dinner candle.
    With Jelly Belly’s success with sardine and booger flavored jelly bean is anyone making candles most people don’t want to smell like fish sauce or dead cat?

  • Bob Pearcy says:

    Go to my blog at
    The recent post called “press release” will tell you about this company that rates candles for 5 different things and we were honored to receive their five star rating.
    I have not tried the candles you are talking about but why would I when we make our own quality candles. Take a look, we would love to stimulate your olfactory receptors.
    Bob Pearcy