Shallow Thoughts #164 – Maze

#164 – Maze


  • chortle says:

    I thought Mazes trained young people to navigate through places like St.Paul/ Minneapolis’ Spaghetti Junction and through Oakland. Your idea is good but since the M400(flying car) is $3.5 million (more than most houses even in California) it is not yet practical. Maybe when it is the morning traffic jam will be over the Bay Bridge and not from Oakland to Sacramento.

  • Hannah says:

    Mazes are definitely a trap for the unimaginative; I always imagined that the Minotaur of old was in the middle of the maze, and the piece of fruit or clever “prize” they put in the middle was just a trap. I usually started by grabbing the prize, then exiting the maze as quickly as possible.. he’s just not a nice guy!