Shallow Thoughts #162 – Flood

#162 – Flood


  • Hannah says:

    Hey, it’s me! Hannah! I called you when I was running once (and I hold the title of “First Female Feedback Caller”); I promise I was running, and it was not an obscene call!! :S I was listening to this podcast, and I figured I could start feeding back here ^_^ Less calls, no? Not that I called in a lot.. but I TOTALLY get jealous whenever another woman calls in. So far, I seem to be safe; just the international call, your mother, and a wrong number; [whew]. I think I have a tiny girl crush.. my husband finds that amusing.

    ….Right, so, dude, love the podcast, I will do my best to be your resident commenter (not resident caller). I listen everyday on the website (b/c I forget to plug my ipod in), so it works great. Dang it, I am rambling.. great job [nervous laugh], um, keep it up [wipes sweaty palms on jeans]

  • V says:

    so… Christiana clones? persons all named Christiana that amazingly sound very much alike? people pretending to be named Christiana that amazingly sound very much alike?
    ‘course it could just be one Christiana speaking in third-person about herself in a way that suggests there are 3 Christiana’s… but that’s just too strange to even consider.