Shallow Thoughts #122 – Cage Design

#122 – Cage Design

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  • Christine says:

    Regarding guinea pigs:
    1) They’re so cute! Just be warned, if you get in the habit of feeding them when you first get up, they will never let you sleep in again.

    2) Yesterday’s News, the unscented stuff (often sold as kitty litter) is great pig bedding. No irritants, very low dust, pretty easy to clean up. Also, my girls adore it, as it’s kind of noisy for the first few days until the pellets pack down. It makes them sound like trucks barreling down gravel roads as they fly around their cage.

    3) They won’t use the loft of a C&C cage like they will their main space, but a hay loft is really fun. They’ll spend lots of time up there, burrowing under the hay, eating the hay, fighting over the hay. . . In one rather silly twist, Hugin likes to climb on top of the hay and Munin likes to burrow under it, so they will sometimes chomp away happily looking like two slices of bread in a hay sandwich.

    4) My mom once wanted to adopt a pair of jet-black piggies, rescues from a hoarder. She wanted to name them Lucy and Toffee. Short for Lucifer and Mephistopheles, of course. Somebody really ought to use those nicknames sometime.