Talking About Stuff #145

Christiana is done traveling!

Adjusting to a new office environment

A reminder to listen to Christiana’s Shallow Thoughts (Or listen to the Shallow Thoughts Only feed)

Rule of Thumb: Do not act on your 2:30AM ideas without daylight consideration

Devaluing hell

Christiana loves Wall-E

Talking About Stuff #138 in which we discussed Ratatouille

The Wall-E toy that I want

Dancing in the movies:
Napoleon Dynamite
Bend it Like Beckham
A Knight’s Tale
Hey, Want to Watch a Movie? Commentary for “A Knight’s Tale”
Pulp Fiction
Spiderman 3
The Full Monty
Billy Elliot

Dancing by myself

The World Ends With You (The DS Game)(The Soundtrack on iTunes)

A call for feedback… What are your favorite movie dance scenes?

You can call the Shallow Thoughts voicemail line to leave feedback for any show.

More movie dance scenes
Shaun of the Dead
The Addams Family
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Video of me doing the Haruhi dance

One Comment

  • Jack H says:

    Mike – Please do not sing ever again…
    Your Billy Idol is bad. Really bad.

    Hmm. Dancing in Movies…
    I got nothing… because I dance much like a white man with no rhythm. I am just saying.