Space Casey Episode 10 – Finale

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12 Volt Theater

Jack Palms 3


Cast for Episode 10:

Christiana Ellis as Casey

Wesley Clifford as AL

Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit as Haxor

Mur Lafferty as Officer Juber

Laurence Simon as Karstoo

Will Ross as Old One #1

Phil Rossi as Old One #2

Nobilis as Korven Maltese

Tee Morris as Preem the Garsk

Grant Baccioco as Feeblo

P.C. Haring as the Bartender

Special Thanks to Jack Hosley for his help with the sound effects.

Additional sound effects from the Freesound Project.

Music for Space Casey Episode 10 includes:

“Headin’ Out” and “Surf Blaster” by The Vara-Tones

“Hobie Beach – Chill-out Mix” by Alienation

Space Casey was written and produced by Christiana Ellis and this recording is released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial, Share and Share Alike 3.0 license.


  • Mainframe says:

    Great show!! Damn it, now I can’t figure out if I really want Christiana to a) get right on the sequel to Space Casey b) get right on the sequel to Nina Kimberly or c) get right on starting the brand new deviously good project she probably has in mind. … Anyway, whatever Christiana decides to do next will be outstanding, I’m sure.
    …. Thanks to all the voice talent again; everyone was spot on. It was good to hear Nobilis and Tee. I think Tee enjoyed playing “Preem the Garsk” a little too much (who knew that Casey was “joo”-ish until Preem’s lines?). When you need a “grade A” ham for your audio production, look no further than the best. (Tee, you rock. BTW: Shout outs to Sonic Boom!!)

  • Ogion says:

    A spectacular end to an awesome show! I can’t wait for the next project!

  • tibbi says:

    Has it been over a year since the Finale. Great story.