Survivor Samoa Ep 14 and Finale!

Christiana and Mike talk about the penultimate, and then ULTIMATE episode of Survivor Samoa.


  • Tim Dodge says:

    Great recap. Every season, I’m amused at the jury members’ attitudes. Without fail, they are shocked–SHOCKED–that someone would lie to them in Survivor. I always end up thinking, “Did you watch the show before you auditioned?” According to the scientific poll I took in my office (the three of us who watch), the outcome was a travesty. Russell may well be the greatest Survivor player of all time. I really hope he’s in Heroes v. Villains next season.

  • roxan fox says:

    Hey…got lots to write but am short on time.

    LOVED your last podcast and have one thing to say…

    “Erik is a poopie pants”

    I replayed it over end over and laughed out loud every time!!!

    Happy New Year…love ya, both…Rox

    oh…I ended up with 2742 Fantasy points !

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