So Many Level: A D&D Podcast – X-Crawl One-Shot (Video)

Nobilis takes the DM reins with an XCrawl One-Shot, like D&D plus Pro Wrestling!

“Ads” in this episode include:

“Cooley Ice Cream, it’s the coolest!” – Paul Cooley –
“Olaf Garden, featuring the finest in Finnish food!” – Nobody, I just
thought it was funny.  And I don’t know anyone named Olaf.
“Nuchtchas Nuts! Remarkably Good!” – Nuchtchas –
“Rohrson and Haring insurance! We are accountants,
pum-ba-tum-tum-tum!” – PC Haring and Jenny Rohrssen Haring –
“Airship Salvage, where the discounts are Quite Peculiar!” – Ministry
of Peculiar Occurrences –
“Spencer Jewelers. The best and the brightest are all at Spencer!” –
Laura Nicole Spencer –
“Yes, no matter what ails you, there’s help at Fischer.” – Paul
Fischer –


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