The Space Casey Illustrated Script and Activity Book is here!

Many people have asked me if I would ever put Space Casey out as a book, and I thought about it, but the story always felt better suited to script format than prose, that is how it was written, after all. So if I was to simply put out a copy of the script in print, I wanted it to have something extra. Enter Steph Cherrywell. I had admired Steph’s artwork for some time and a collaboration seemed like a perfect fit.


Buy it now from Lulu! (Coming to Amazon soon!)

Available in print or PDF (though I recommend print for the coloringy-activity-y goodness!)

And so here we are. The Space Casey Illustrated Script and Activity Book! In addition to the full script of Space Casey, the book also contains 42 awesome illustrations and 10 original activities, just like those great coloring and activity books you got when you went with your mom to the grocery store and she wouldn’t buy you a toy, but a book, even a Transformers or My Little Pony activity book was maybe okay! Check out some shots!




My corgi Luna would really like you to buy one, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint Luna… would you?

Buy it now, so Luna won’t be sad.

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