Twitter Updates for 2011-05-12

  • Just had a fun story idea: What if it turned out that only half the population has true free will and the rest are 100% deterministic? #
  • @jchutchins By putting $100 into a small envelope and mailing it to me. (because of quantum) #
  • @dcperry @spiritualtramp Hey! I wait in line for cafeteria food, and I am not nobody! I am SOMEBODY! I am! *sobs* #
  • @dcperry @spiritualtramp We are cool! We should have a club. The "Cafeteria Line Somebodies"! #
  • I hang by my fingernails over Crazytown Gorge at the best of times, and these muscle relaxants are making my nose itch. #
  • @jrblackwell Be strong. #
  • @PeterJReaper *fist-bump* #
  • @BetaClone076 Ooh, what'cha playing? #

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