Interview: Podioracket Episode 7

In this 20-minute episode we interview Todd Newton and Christiana Ellis. We hear a special message from Nina Kimberly and Emerian Rich talks to our Champion Jespa about the coming battle. Plus we share our usual mix of contests & news.

Todd Newton was born in Gridley, California in 1980. He now resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Micah, and their two dogs, Leonidas and Suki. Todd holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science but is an avid reader of Fantasy. The Ninth Avatar is his first published work.

Todd’s Websites – and

Todd’s Email –

Twitter –

Facebook – or search for T.D. Newton

Christiana Ellis first released Nina Kimberly the Merciless in 2006 and is now preparing for her May 15th print release from Dragon Moon Press.

Christiana’s web site:

Nina Kimberly web site:

Christiana on Twitter:


Jespa, from Emerian Rich’s Night’s Knights has been named as Podioracket’s Champion!

King Calgacus ran a good race, and Arlene Radasky, author of The Fox has awarded her book to Phosephone. was so impressed by the number of votes, we took a leaf from Arlene’s book and did a drawing of our own. Congratulations to ElderDaniel, who will receive merchandise!

We expected to confirm battle details between Nina Kimberly the Merciless and our Champion Jespa, however matters have changed dramatically.  Listen to the episode to find out more, and stay tuned for Friday’s mini-episode on as we amass our forces.

H.E. Roulo’s Fractured Horizon has a new cover created by Lone Wolf Sage Co. Modeled off the old and much loved cover by Devlin Donnelly Design, the new cover is ready for Podiobooks 2.0. Click on the cover image to see the previous cover.


Phillippa Ballentine is still looking for reviews. Leave one, drop her a line in an email to and you could win!

New contest for Rhonda R Carpenter’s site at For the month of May come and meet our very own Rhonda Carpenter’s characters. Enter your name in a drawing.

Scare us in 140 characters or less. There is a new competition on Twitter called Tweet the Meat see the website and go to I hear there are cash prizes for this competition.

Check yourself into the Brink! Join Brinkvale Psychiatric, that is, and get your patient profile or enjoy art therapy with Zachary Taylor. J.C. Hutchins dares you to.


Check out the tip player and hear tips from experienced authors that could make your podcasted novel better!


  • Virtual Vice – a new technology crime novel based on true events by Jason M. Kays Thriller
  • Cell U.R. by Mark Plimsoll Science Fiction
  • Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by A Square (Edwin Abbott Abbott) Science Fiction


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