Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Hey, want to watch a movie?

Yar, ahoy there mateys! Captain Ellis here, and we be watchin’ Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Joinin’ me is my First Mate, Mike Meitin, and scurvy swabs Borderline Neil and Paul from Des Moines.

Plus, we be drinkin’ rum according to this here Pirates of the Caribbean drinking game.

Rule 1:

Choose your pirate from the list below, and whenever someone says their name or any variation thereof, drink.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • William Turner
  • Elizabeth Swann
  • Captain Barbossa

Rule 2:

Whenever Will does something well-intentioned, but nonetheless goofy, shout AVAST! And drink.

Rule 3:

Whenever Barbossa uses unnecessarily big words, shout out the longest word you can think of. Whoever’s word is the longest gets to make the others drink. Preparing words in advance is CHEATING

Rule 4:

Whenever Captain Jack Sparrow gives a nonsensical or unlikely answer to a simple question, shout “Savvy” and drink.

Rule 5:

Whenever Elizabeth shouts at someone or otherwise gets overtly angry, shout “Feisty wench” and drink. When she is overly prim and proper, shout “Hello Poppet” and drink.

Rule 6:

When Mr. Gibbs takes a swig from his flask, shout “‘Tis Bad Luck!” and drink. If the flask is empty, see rule 10 (AKA Why is the rum gone?).

Rule 7:

Whenever parley is called, the group must take a vote. Whoever is elected must drink the agreed upon amount.

Rule 8:

When you see something taken directly from the ride, shout “Dead Men Tell No Tales” and drink.

Rule 9:

When the cursed pirates change back and forth from zombie form in the moonlight, shout either “Pirate Ghosts!” or “Ghost Pirates!”, whichever you prefer, but be prepared to defend your answer. “Zombie” may be substituted for “Ghost” as desired.

Rule 10:

When anyone finishes their drink and needs a refill, they shout “Why is the rum gone?” and everyone else must finish their drinks and refill as well.

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