Five More Minutes – 21Oct21

Sleepiness Patterns, Only Murders in the Building, and the Theatrical Experience

Five More Minutes – 20Oct21

Sorry, just scattered rambling today…

Root03 – So Many Levels – Root RPG – Session 03 (Podcast)

Our vagabonds are accused of crimes they didn’t commit! And the ones they DID commit bode ill tidings for Sundell!

We’re playing Root: The RPG

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Five More Minutes – 19Oct21

Competing Drives in TTRPGs

Five More Minutes – 18Oct21

Legos and Metroids and Women’s Baseball, oh my!

C2E42 – So Many Levels C2 Episode 42: Sitslebik’s Three 2! (Podcast)

The Pocket Protectors take the week off and we check back in on our kobold friends, Meg and Zeg, last seen in Campaign 1, Episode 52.

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So Many Levels: Root the RPG Session 03 (Video)

With the vagabonds falsely accused and war on the horizon, things are heating up in Sundell!

We’re playing Root: The RPG from Magpie Games

Five More Minutes – 17Oct21

Falling Asleep in a Dream, and Other Business

Five More Minutes – 16Oct21

Memories of a Movie Marathon – including thoughts on “Cat People” and “Raw”

Five More Minutes – 15Oct21

Technological Restoration and Petting Dogs

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