Five More Minutes – 15Oct20

Rocket v. The Counter, D&D Characters with Anxiety

Watching 100 Movies – Groundhog Day and Gladiator (Video)

The AFI List may be done, but we’re still watching movies! This episode features Groundhog Day and Gladiator!

Five More Minutes – 14Oct20

Up on Time

Five More Minutes – 13Oct20

Alarm and Rain and Insidious Loops

So Many Levels – Rime of the Frostmaiden – Episode 03 (Podcast)

After an early defeat, our adventurers look for a new way to do some good in Icewind Dale.

Five More Minutes – 12Oct20

Subtle Anxieties

So Many Levels – Rime of the Frostmaiden: Episode 3 (Video)

Our adventurers rally following their ignominious defeat, and seek to eliminate a threat to Easthaven.

Five More Minutes – 11Oct20 -Rewatch of Legend of Korra S3E3 “The Earth Queen”

Rewatch of Legend of Korra S3E3 “The Earth Queen”

Five More Minutes – 10Oct20

Continuing Things and Rocket’s Good News / Bad News (He’s fine)

Five More Minutes – 09Oct20

Extended Weekends and Big Adventure Choices

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