Five More Minutes – 31Jan16

Getting started in “Sunless Sea” and “Batman Arkham Knight”, and a Phyllis Esposito update.


Five More Minutes – 30Jan16

I’m so out of it that I can barely string a sentence together, but I liked Legends of Tomorrow.

Five More Minutes – 29Jan16

Adventures in dog ownership.

Five More Minutes – 28Jan16

My review of “Undertale”.

Five More Minutes – 27Jan16

Barking and pesto and barking and The Witness

Five More Minutes – 26Jan16

The Hateful Eight and The Magicians.

2016 Oscar Marathon Introduction (Audio)

Christiana and Mike begin their annual Oscar Movie Marathon!

Check out our Tracking Spreadsheet!

The End of Fallout 4 (Audio)

Finally, the audio version of my spoilerific discussion of Fallout 4 with Nobilis Reed!


Five More Minutes – 25Jan16

Floorcast with Luna to discuss her possibly injured leg.

Five More Minutes – 24Jan16

Micro-reviews of “Straight Outta Compton” and “Sicario”

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