Five More Minutes – 03Feb19 – Re-Watch of Gravity Falls S1E13

Re-Watch of Gravity Falls S1E13: “Boss Mabel”

Five More Minutes – 02Feb19

Home again and plane movies.

Five More Minutes – 02Feb19

Leaving South Korea, and Mini-Review of How to Train Your Dragon 3.

Five More Minutes – 01Feb19

Souvenir Shopping

Five More Minutes – 31Jan19

To Do Lists and my Imminent Return

Five More Minutes – 30Jan19

Netflix’s Korean Zombie Show: Kingdom

Five More Minutes – 29Jan19

A surprising, and not especially welcome, dining experience.

This Space For Rent: A Space Casey RPG – Session 03

This flashback episode features swamp monsters, big shiny buttons, and inventory management!

This is a silly scifi TTRPG set in the universe of “Space Casey” powered by “Bulldogs”. — Watch live at

2019 Oscar Marathon Introduction

Christiana and Mike break down the Oscar Nominations in preparation for their attempt to see as many of the nominees as possible!

Note: Apologies for the somewhat-out-of-sync sound and picture. It was an experiment with a new recording setup, and one that didn’t especially work, apparently.

Five More Minutes – 28Jan19

Persistent dreams and mini-review of BlacKkKlansman

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