So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast – Episode 70: What’s Mine is Mine (Video)

The Heroes of Legend return from the mine bearing new loot and new friends! How will the mine’s owner feel about that? — Watch this campaign¬†live at¬†on Wednesday nights at 7:30PM Eastern!

Watching 100 Movies – 30 – Apocalypse Now — 29 – Double Indemnity

Join Mike and Christiana on their journey through the AFI’s Top 100 Movies! This time: 30 – Apocalypse Now and 29 – Double Indemnity

Five More Minutes – 08Sep18

I saw some shows at the Boston Improv Festival

Five More Minutes – 07Sep18

Long day, movie podcast, corn on the cob.

Let’s Make a Starfinder Character (Video)

Christiana and the chat build a character for the Paizo TTRPG: Starfinder!

Find the Starfinder books here!

Here’s where I got the PDF Character sheet!

Five More Minutes – 06Sep18

Workout Talk with Christiana

Five More Minutes – 05Sep18

Desynchronized Soreness

Five More Minutes – 04Sep18

Rough Night, Voting Franchise, and the end of Adventure Time.

Five More Minutes – 03Sep18

Hangover Hangout

So Many Levels Extra: Curse of Strahd Episode 28 (Video)

Can our Cursed Adventurers survive this latest fight with the Devil Strahd. Dare they hope?

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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