Five More Minutes – 15Jan21

Bloodborne and the Paradox of Durability

Five More Minutes – 14Jan21

Adjusting to a Busy Week

So Many Levels – C2 Episode 09: Echoes (Video)

The Pocket Protectors continue to explore Chanticleer Academy, but with each floor they climb, the mystery deepens.

Five More Minutes – 13Jan21

More sleepy to speaking good

Five More Minutes – 12Jan21

Rewatching Home Alone and The Karate Kid

Five More Minutes – 11Jan21

Up Early, Bloodborne Dreams, A Visitor for Christmas

Link to chapter 1 of the story mentioned:

So Many Levels – Rime of the Frostmaiden Episode 15 (Video)

The Seekers track down the mysterious white moose, and discover an even more sinister plot.

Five More Minutes – 10Jan21

We’re all trying to find the guy who did this.

Five More Minutes – 09Jan21

Mini-Review of “The Farewell”

Five More Minutes – 08Jan21

Austin Powers R Us

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