Five More Minutes – 11Jan20

Dry-Aged Beef Fat

Five More Minutes – 10Jan20

Locke & Key & Adaptations

So Many Levels Episode 119 – “For the (Fey) Queen” (Video)

We change it up a little and go on a journey with members of Queen Solomonia’s Court!

Five More Minutes – 09Jan20

Stepping Out of Anxiety (When You Can)

Five More Minutes – 08Jan20

The Anxiety and Anticipation of Looking Ahead

Five More Minutes – 07Jan20

Lord of the Sleepies

Five More Minutes – 06Jan20

Anticipating Puppy

Five More Minutes – 05Jan20 – Rewatch of Cowboy Bebop Session 14 “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Rewatch of Cowboy Bebop Session 14 “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Christiana Plays Death Stranding (Mid-Game)

Hey, I streamed more Death Stranding! This bit comes from mid-game, with some nice suspense and a couple of surprises!

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