So Many Levels – Campaign 2 Episode 19: In the Bag (Video)

The Pocket Protectors struggle with the Bag of Holding’s security system, and… with a curse among their own?

Five More Minutes – 30Mar21

Mini-Reviews: Minari and My Octopus Teacher

Watching 100 Movies – Bond: Impossible Part 3

We continue our discussion of the Bond and Mission Impossible franchises with delves into License to Kill, Goldeneye, Casino Royale as well as Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and Mission Impossible Fallout

Five More Minutes – 29Mar21

Migraine Flooding, Bond V. Impossible Part 3, The Terror

So Many Levels – Rime of the Frostmaiden Episode 26 (Video)

The Seekers are determined to rescue Marcher’s lady-love, but there are a lot of duergar in the way.

Five More Minutes – 28Mar21

Big D&D fights and eras of James Bond

Five More Minutes – 27Mar21

License to Kill and Doom and D and D

Christiana Plays Ironsworn – Solo-Play – Delving into the Unknown

Desperate to save her friends and neighbors from a necromantic curse, Chenda the Ironsworn delves the depths of an ancient corrupted swamp! (I’m playing Ironsworn)

Five More Minutes – 26Mar21

New Routines, More Ironsworn, Bond V. Impossible Part 3 Preview

So Many Levels – Campaign 2 Episode 18 – “Loose Ends” (Video)

The Pocket Protectors debrief after their midnight meeting, and then embark on a daring new plan to find answers.

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