So Many Levels – Episode 130: Saving Strangers (Video)

The Heroes of Legend have saved Alaric’s family, but the Marut is in pursuit!

Five More Minutes – 08Apr20


Five More Minutes – 07Apr20

Binge Barking

Talking About Survivor – Winners at War Episode 08 (Video)

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 08 of Survivor Season 40!

Five More Minutes – 06Apr20

Approximating Normal

Five More Minutes – 05Apr20 – Rewatch of Legend of Korra S1E1

Rewatch of Legend of Korra S1E1 – “Welcome to Republic City”

Five More Minutes – 04Apr20

The Banal Reasons for my Minor Hangover

Five More Minutes – 03Apr20

Taking Care of Yourself

Five More Minutes – 02Apr20

FrankenPC – It’s ALLIIIIVEE!!!

So Many Levels – Episode 129: Hunting the Hunter (Video)

The Heroes of Legend hope to catch an infernal assassin alive!

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