So Many Levels – C2 Episode 16 “Spectacle and Suspense” (Video)

The Pocket Protectors attend an electrifying parade!

Five More Minutes – 03Mar21

What do you do with poblano peppers, ear-lie in the morning?

Five More Minutes – 02Mar21

Hit by the feel-bad truck (I’m fine)

Five More Minutes – 01Mar21

Coats and Games

So Many Levels – Rime of the Frostmaiden Episode 22 (Video)

The Seekers investigate a ruined remnant of an ancient fallen flying city.

Five More Minutes – 28Feb21

D&D, Dazes and Disclaimers?

Five More Minutes – 27Feb21

Late-Night Gatherings, and Barb & Star Go to Vista del Mar

Five More Minutes – 26Feb21

Some Idle Thoughts on WandaVision (no spoilers), the MCU, and Nostalgia

Five More Minutes – 25Feb21

Yesterday was a Variety of Textures

So Many Levels – C2 Episode 15: Settling In (Video)

The Pocket Protectors make plans for the future and settle into their new normal.

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