Five More Minutes – 22Jan19

Up News Stories, Down News Stories, and Productivity

Five More Minutes – 21Jan19

Weekend Wrap-up: 4DX Movies, Glass, Gross Kids, and the ending of Red Dead Redemption 2. (No spoilers)

Five More Minutes – 20Jan19

Re-Watch of Gravity Falls S1E11 – “Little Dipper”

Five More Minutes – 19Jan19

A “Feelin’ Better” Saturday

Five More Minutes – 18Jan19

Humidity, dehydration and the Chi-Mek Odyssey.

Five More Minutes – 17Jan19

Interrogating feelings of being unproductive.

Five More Minutes – 16Jan19

Sleep mysteries, department stores, and sketching with technology.

Five More Minutes – 15Jan19

Getting up too early and aimless rambling about long videogame stories.

This Space for Rent: Episode 01

A Space Casey TTRPG powered by “Bulldogs” by Galileo Games. The crew of the Juggernaut receives a new mission: Escort elderly tourists on a space-cruise to see a hazardous, but beautiful stellar event.

Five More Minutes – 14Jan19

Bohemian Rhapsody and mental circuit breakers.

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