So Many Levels Episode 140 – Contract Negotiations (Video)

Scratch the devil’s back, and he’ll scratch yours! The Heroes of Legend are making deals!

Five More Minutes – 02Jul20

Naps for He, but Not for Me and my final thoughts on The Last of Us Part 2 (No Spoilers)

Five More Minutes – 30Jun20

Getting by, moving forward, and more on “The Last of Us Part 2”

Watching 100 Movies – 12 – The Searchers — 11 – City Lights (Video)

Christiana and Mike continue their journey through the AFI’s top 100 Movies with John Ford’s “The Searchers” and Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights”.

Five More Minutes – 29Jun20

Birthday coincidences and Rocket’s morning

After the War (TTRPG Actual-Play) – Session 0 (Video)

Game introduction, character creation, and settlement building in the TTRPG billed as “A Scifi game of memetic horror”. Christiana, Lee, David, Paul and Nobilis get things started!

You can buy “After the War” right here:

Five More Minutes – 28Jun20 – Rewatch of Legend of Korra S2E1 “Rebel Spirit”

Rewatch of Legend of Korra S2E1 “Rebel Spirit”

Five More Minutes – 27Jun20

Enjoying Rocket and the game modes of Last of Us Part 2

Five More Minutes – 26Jun20

What do I miss from the Before Times?

Five More Minutes – 25Jun20

Floor is Lava and the nice before the sad in Last of Us Part 2.

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