Five More Minutes – 18Nov18 – Re-watch of Gravity Falls S1E3

Re-watch of Gravity Falls S1E3: “Headhunters”

So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast – Undermountain Undertaking

Even though I’m away from home, Christiana gets it together enough to run a one-shot in Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Talking About Survivor – David Vs Goliath Ep08 (Video)

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 8 of Survivor David Vs Goliath.

Five More Minutes – 17Nov18

Weekend plans and Red Dead “Realism”

Five More Minutes – 16Nov18

“Mom’s Touch” Chicken

Five More Minutes – 15Nov18

Smoggy Morning and Camera Settings

Five More Minutes – 14Nov18

Hardcore Henry, Detective Pikachu and She-Ra

Five More Minutes – 13Nov18

RIP Stan Lee, and letting yourself feel sadness.

Five More Minutes – 12Nov18

I talk about my trip to Beartree Park.

Here’s that Flickr link for the pictures:

Talking About Survivor – David Vs Goliath Episodes 6 and 7

Christiana and Mike get caught up with Episodes 6 and 7 of Survivor David Vs Goliath!


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