So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast: Episode 87 – Level 14 Battle Royale (Video)

It’s head-to-head PvP action as the Heroes of Legend take on… The Heroes of Legend! Who shall emerge supreme?

Five More Minutes – 22Mar19

Rambly talk about white noise for sleeping and streaming games.

Five More Minutes – 21Mar19

Battle Royales and Baby Names

Five More Minutes – 20Mar19

Diet Coke and Missing Packages

This Space For Rent: A Space Casey TTRPG – Session 05

It’s the conclusion to the Juggernaut’s first adventure! There are radioactive aliens, lawsuit zombie hordes and wily senior citizens with blaster rifles! Find out if our heroes get paid!

Five More Minutes – 19Mar19

Travel Plans and GoT Season 2

Five More Minutes – 18Mar19

Nice! New Niece!

Talking About Survivor – Edge of Extinction Episode 04 (Video)

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 04 of Survivor Season 38!

Five More Minutes 17Mar19 – Re-Watch of Gravity Falls S1E17

Re-Watch of Gravity Falls S1E17 – “Boyz Crazy”

Five More Minutes – 16Mar19

Finding Stuff to Do

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