SML109 – So Many Levels – Episode 109: Third From the Left

We check in on the Material Plane with a one-shot featuring an exhausted team of adventurers just trying to get some rest.

Set of dice for fantasy RPG tabletop games. Cube and polyhedrons with numbers. Flat vector icons.

Five More Minutes – 27Aug19

Augh-bleagh… Also accumulating games.

Five More Minutes – 23Jul19

Through A Glass, Sweaty

Five More Minutes – 06Jul19

Exercise and Alien 3

Five More Minutes – 01Jul19

Back to work!

Watching 100 Movies – 26: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington — 25: To Kill A Mockingbird

Christiana and Mike are watching their way through the AFI’s Top 100 Movies, and in this episode, they discuss Number 26: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Number 25: To Kill A Mockingbird

Five More Minutes – 28Jun19

Still Sick and The End of Evangelion

Live Reading of “Phyllis Esposito: Interdimensional Private Eye”

Christiana reads the first seven chapters of her new book: “Phyllis Esposito: Interdimensional Private-Eye”
Available for pre-order now!

Five More Minutes – 12May19 – Re-Watch of Gravity Falls S2E4 “Sock Opera”

Re-Watch of Gravity Falls S2E4 “Sock Opera”

This Space For Rent – Session 06 (Video)

The Crew of the Juggernaut enter the Black and White nebula for some film-noir-inspired mystery solving! — We’re playing “Bulldogs” from Galileo Games, and you can watch live at

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