COS19 So Many Levels – Curse of Strahd Episode 19 – Turning the Corner (Audio)

Our cursed adventures finally make a plan.


Talking About Survivor – Ghost Island Episode 4 (Audio)

Christiana and Mike break down episode 4 of Survivor Ghost Island!

SML50 – So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast – Episode 50: Questions and Answers (Audio)

The Heroes of Legend have some world-changing conversations.

2018 Oscar Marathon Wrap-up (Audio)

Christiana and Mike conclude their 2018 Oscar Marathon with discussions of The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, (Black Panther), Coco, Beauty and the Beast and Blade Runner: 2049. (Beware of spoilers for all of them)

Talking About Survivor – Ghost Island Episodes 1-3 (Audio)

Christiana and Mike discuss the first three hours of Survivor: Ghost Island!

COS18 – So Many Levels Extra: Curse of Strahd Episode 18 (Audio)

Christiana Ellis (DM), Tim Dodge (Pavel), Nutty (Shadow), Lee Burdette (Honor), Nobilis (Ziya) and Mark Kilfoil (Rockjaw) finally make their way to Castle Ravenloft.

SML49 – So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast: Episode 49 – The Same but Different (Audio)

The Heroes of Legend go back to where it all started.

So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast – Episode 49: The Same But Different (Video)

The Heroes of Legend return to where it all started…

So Many Levels: Curse of Strahd Episode 17 – Negotiations (Audio)

Our cursed adventurers try to make a few deals. One goes okay. The other? Not so much…

Watching 100 Movies – 2018 Oscar Marathon Update 1 (Audio)

Christiana and Mike continue their journey to watch as many of the 2018 Oscar Nominated films as possible before the Awards!

This episode includes discussions (and spoilers) for: Dunkirk, Get Out, and The Post.

SPOILER Warning!

“Dunkirk” Discussion: 21:40 – 34:30
“Get Out” Discussion: 34:30 – 50:30
“The Post” Discussion: 54:45 – 1:10:00

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