Five More Minutes – 23Jan21

Getting into the flow in Bloodborne, and early thoughts on Cobra Kai

Five More Minutes – 22Jan21

On enjoying something, and then researching to see if it was made by a monster. (Note: after finishing the recording, I found some worse stuff said by the guy in question, so not going to link him.)

Five More Minutes – 21Jan21

Rewatching The Karate Kid 1, 2, 3 and Next

Five More Minutes – 20Jan21

I talk about two amazing songs created by Starla Huchton and Chooch Schubert, based on the first campaign of the So Many Levels podcast.

Whither Wanders a Druid is a lullaby IN ELVISH about Amethyst the druid from Campaign 1. (Video includes lyrics and translation)

Song of the Paladin is a bouncy tune about Autarchy the paladin from Campaign 1. (Video with lyrics)

Five More Minutes – 19Jan21

Puppy Dog Game Theory

Five More Minutes – 18Jan21

Some disorganized thoughts on MLK Day

Five More Minutes – 17Jan21

D&D Good Stuff, Bathing Rocket, and Tooling Around in Bloodborne

Five More Minutes – 16Jan21

Stormy-Cozy Morning and WandaVision

Five More Minutes – 15Jan21

Bloodborne and the Paradox of Durability

Five More Minutes – 14Jan21

Adjusting to a Busy Week

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