Stufflet 06Feb13

In this stufflet, I talk about the comic books I bought this week.

Here’s the list.

All-New X-Men #7

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake #1 and 2
Swamp Thing #17
Animal Man #17
New Avengers #3
Dial H #9
Avengers #5
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #3
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20
Think Tank #5
Daredevil: End of Days #5
Fearless Defenders #1
Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #4
Superior Spider-Man #3
Young Romance: The New 52

And here’s that list of videogames I mention as well.

The Cave
Far Cry 3
The Binding of Isaac
Ni No Kuni
Persona 4 Golden
Fire Emblem Awakening
Sim City
Pixel People
Sly Cooper
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