PodCastle 133: And the Blood of Dead Gods Shall Mark the Score

by Gary Kloster.
Read by Christiana Ellis.
Originally published in Fantasy Magazine.

Huck smiled, and his smile stretched the pink rift of scar tissue that ran up from the corner of his jaw, across the twisted pit of his ruined right eye and onto his broad forehead. Before Nikolai’s betrayal, Huck’s face had been sternly handsome and the blood tatted into his dark skin had shone like lightning. That tat’s magic had made him beautiful and terrifying, like a storm rolling, and with a look he could make all the world his bitch. Now, left with just the scar and the spark of rage that still burned in the depths of his remaining eye, he had to be content with just scaring people shitless.

“Tribals are crap, redneck poser ink. Do yourself a favor and piss off.”

Two minutes after Huck banged in and my only customer that whole damn day was sulking out, a black dot of ink no bigger than a pimple hidden beneath his shirt. “Follow him out, Huck,” I said as the door rattled shut and I trashed the ink that I’d laid out for the job. “We’re done, remember?”

Rated R for: violence, language and adult themes.

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“Staying In Sync” – Guest Story for Nobilis Erotica

Hey everybody!

Nobilis asked me to be a guest host/author for his podcast, Nobilis Erotica!

I wrote this story, called “Staying in Sync”, but be warned, it IS explicit, so just be sure that you are of age, and enjoy that sort of thing before listening. Thanks!

But, assuming you do enjoy this sort of thing, then why not head over to Nobilis’s site and check out some of his work! He’s got tons of great content.